Hogar 8L Aire Freidora Eléctrica, Freidora freidora de aire Eléctrico Profundo Inteligente sin Humo Eléctrica de Pollo Freír Máquina

$2 073.55 $1 658.84

Modelo: KZ-D8000B

Voltaje: 220V

Potencia: 1200W

Peso: 5.3 kg

Tamaño: 30*36*28cm

Capacidad: 8L

Ajuste de tiempo: 1-99 min

Temperatura: 80-210 ° C

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  • Certificación: CCC
  • Estilo: aire freidora
  • No-Material Antiadherente: /
  • Potencia (W): 1200W
  • La función: Protección del sobrecalentamiento
  • Voltaje (V): 220V
  • Nombre De La Marca: YunlinLi
  • Material: /
  • El Control De Modo De: Microordenador
  • Forma: Plaza
  • Número De Modelo: KZ-D8000B

  • Author: Malcolmxpitcher
  • Date: 2021-01-15
  • The goods are amazing, but delivery in Russia is a full bottom (KCE). The feeling that on foot from the border was carried. Moreover, even after arrival in the city, the delivery is made only after 3 weeks!!!! Calls to the operator only transferred the delivery time (without my consent) to a later date, they offered to pick up the goods by self-delivery (this at the cost of delivery 4700 rubles.). In a word, the seller needs to change the delivery company to a more sensitive one.
  • 5/5